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Aliaa Mourneshadow- Succubus, Queen of Suffering.

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Aliaa Mourneshadow- Succubus, Queen of Suffering.

Post  Whiplash959 on Tue Aug 03, 2010 5:26 pm

Aliaa Mourneshadow
Queen Of Suffering
Demon: 6ft
Elf Illusion: 5,5ft

Elf Illusion: 90-110kg

Demon: Aliaa has a beautiful blue skin in her true form, flanked by her leathery, black wings shining magnificently in any light. Her horns are are dark black and are hard and shinny with hints of red flecked through. Her hair is as black as the void and as soft and light as air yet thick and long. She wears a beautiful black corset with a light blue, almost white trimming that has been hand-sewn into a thorn-like design that flows around it. Around her neck she wears a bright, shining diamond held upon a black leather collar and leather bracelets on her wrists, made of the same design as her corset. Her lower legs are covered in a hardened demonic hide that reaches down to her shinny black hooves.

Elf Illusion:
When in disguise, she often chooses the form of a young Elf female. Her hair transforms before your eyes into a dark, crimson colour and twists and twirls into silky curls that cascade down her shoulders and drape around her neck. Her corset forms into a dark red and black pair of robes that cling to her waist. On her shoulders she wears a mantle as black as the void, flames curling up from behind the shinny blackness of the spikes. On her lips she wears a dark crimson lipstick, mixed with trance amounts of her own blood and around her eyes she wears a vibrant red eye-shadow, speckled with silver and gold. When she attempts to blend with mortals she usually wears a simple pant-suit or takes on the illusion of a High Elf mage.

Most of the time Aliaa is a cheeky trickster who enjoys nothing more than playing with the hearts and minds of mortal men, pitting them against each other in often sadistic and cruel ways. To other demons she is an almighty teasing, enjoying every moment she has, playing with their minds and tearing their lives apart with desperation, willing to do anything to be with her. To all she would be the physical manifestation of a goddess of beauty, known to those close to her as “Queen of Hearts”.

When her charms fail she becomes extremely frustrated and angry, often subject to wild and brutal outburst of rage. She enjoys torture as a pass time, often capturing mortals to break in dungeons. Her favorite part is watching their face as they realize the hopelessness of the situation and their wills breaking, the emptiness consuming them from the inside like the void, sucking and eating away at their insides.

History: (Here's where you write your background More then three Paragraphs please.)
During the first few centuries of her life, Aliaa was trained as an elite seductress of the Burning legion on a stronghold world ruled over by the Legion. Once completing her training she joined forces with the largest coven of Succubi under the control of the legion and began her work as an agent of espionage and death, using her charms and seductive powers to get close to her targets. As time went on, and her powers grew she began to grow bored with mortals and began to turn her attention to the more powerful, and more dangerous forces of the Burning legion. During the massacres of the Draenei people on their home world, many of the Draenei fell for her charms, then at her feet as she sliced her way through their commanders and veterans, along with her fellow Sisters of Pain and Pleasure.

During the Invasion of Azeroth, Aliaa stood at the side of many powerful demons as they commanded their forces during their early attempts to gain a foothold in the new world. She along with a small few of the most skilled of her sisters were the only of her coven to have made it into the new world. The early years were tough. These mortals had different tastes in the pleasures to those of the Draenei and the Demons of legion and she struggled to find her stride and to survive in this strange world.

It was in the city of Booty Bay that she found sanctuary and comfort in an old flame from centuries ago. Xu’l, a powerful Nathrezim, and a former lover of the young succubi. As Aliaa passed by Xu’l, he saw through her illusion. He approached her in the nearby inn. Thinking he was just another fool she could trick, she followed him to a dark cave nearby. It was here that he revealed his identity to her. He picked her up off her feet and embraced her, holding her close to his chest and drinking in her scent. She wrapped her arms around him, her head laid on his chest as she listened to his blood and his power flooding through his veins. They fled from the mortal town of Booty Bay to the quiet and solitude of his lair and there they sat and spoke on their lives for many hours before she fell into his arms again, exhausted and drained. He lifted her head to his neck and forced open her mouth, allowing her to bite into his neck and drink of his blood and take of his power and strength. The blood gushed from the wound into her open mouth. As the warmth filled her mouth her eyes burst open, flashing green with power as she began to feed, sucking and draining his blood to the point where he began to feel weak and had to force her away from him. As his blood, his power, coursed through her veins her power grew tenfold. Over the passing years now and then Xu’l would again let Aliaa taste of his blood and to take of his power. As his drank more and more of his Nathrezim blood she grew stronger and stronger, her power and beauty growing with each drop of blood. She became the most powerful and beautiful Succubus known to the universe within thousands of light-years of Azeroth.

When Xu’l fell to the demon hunters, Aliaa drew back into solitude within a hidden chamber, deep within the earth beneath Stormwind. It is there she waits for his return to this realm so she may once again take her place at his side as they rain devastation and destruction down upon the world.

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very much so.

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Re: Aliaa Mourneshadow- Succubus, Queen of Suffering.

Post  E1Alpha on Tue Aug 03, 2010 5:33 pm

A Queen of Suffering equals an Epic Succubus, meaning this is an epic rank application and out of reach for you.
Also, please go to our new forums as these won't be used anymore.

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