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Dark Elf

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Dark Elf

Post  Shadowseal on Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:00 am

Dark Elves

Classes available

Female - Warrior, Hunter, Assassin, Fel-sworn basically and melee or ranged class with no link to nature.

Male - Warlock, Mage, Necromancer basically any caster class which have no link to nature
( Priests are allowed for female characters but they must be shadow priestesses or discipline and are unable to
use holy abilities )

Description - Dark elves had shorter life spans closer to a humans than that of the other elfs and are of similar
of height and beauty of night elves. They have spent most of their history hidden underground after the war of
the ancients and have developed extremely good night vision due this. A Dark elves skin is nearly always a dark
grey hue and their eyes glow like small fires and they tend to be either orange or red in colour there is also some rare cases of female Dark elves developing demon like horns from their forehead and these elves are treat
with great respect as they tend to be able to grow more powerful than the other elves, The Current High Queen is rumored to have horns though none of the dark elves who returned to the surface would tell anyone.

Dark Elf Society - The race of dark elves lives a large underground cavern in clans which each have their own town sized building which they call a 'Spire' and are led by a Queen. These clans war openly with each other and only stop if the High Queen demands them to. Their race is matriarchal and is led by a High Queen their are no
kings in Dark elf society as men are deemed unworthy to lead. Dark elven warriors are all female and the men tend to be the ones who take more intelligent roles in combat like becoming a mage or warlock the only time a female learns magic is if she chooses to become a priestess to their goddess, who all other races would recognise as a
succubus. Men are looked down on greatly and tend to be violently abused by the women around them if they do something wrong,incorrectly or even just look at them funny.

Dark Elf Religion - Dark elves worship a succubus who led them during the war of the ancients when they chose
to ally themselves with legion. The goddess they worship is believed to of been a Queen of Suffering and the elves call her the Grand Mistress. The main temple in each the clans spires only allows women inside and the men have their own temple lower down in which they worship their Goddess.

Known History
- Little is known of how their early history by them or any other races and if the Night elves know it
they don't share it with anyone else all that is known is that they are possibly the predecessors of the night elves and highborne and allied themselves with the legion during the war of the ancients after which they went into hiding underground. Only recently have they returned to the surface though only a few clans decided to do so
and then they don't give out any information about their race. They have existed for thousands of years underground in a magically lit cavern and slowly developed a new society made up of clans each clan had a single building in which the whole clan lived and slept in but it wasn't long before the clans started arguing with each other about differences and eventually a war broke out among them with
all the clans but one fielding their full armies. The war was eventually stopped by the Queen who had remained neutral through out the combat because she got fed up of the never ending noise. Amazingly all the other clan Queens listened to her yelling at the soldiers who had all stopped fighting due to their confusion and decided to
stop fighting. The Queen who stopped them was named High Queen and kept a form of peace up where the clans can war with each other just not with all their force. Future High Queens were decided by a tournement where the Queens did their best to stop two dark elf armies fighting the one who made the peace fastest became the new High Queen.

The next major event in the dark elves history is when some of the children started developing horns at birth. These children where highly respected as they were deemed demi-goddesses by the other elves due to how close their appearance was to the dark elven goddess. These horned elves had increased skill in magic and combat and quickly
rose up in the ranks of their clans some even becoming Clan Queens within months of coming of age. The most recent event was the decision by some clan Queens to return to the surface to see what has occured in the dark elves absence. They made contact with Kal'dorei who had never seen a Dark Elf before and found out about some of the more recent events in Azeroth. Few Dark elves stayed above surface for long periods of time due to the sun but those who remain continue to gather information about Azeroth's history and current races living on the planet.

Clan Structure -
(Highest rank at top Lowest rank at bottom)
Clan Queen

Commander or High Priestess

Captain or Priestess

Veteran infantry/ arch or Temple Sister

Infantry/Archer or Sister



Young Male


credits to Lilli for writing this!

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