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Lania Darkstalker

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Lania Darkstalker

Post  lillihugz on Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:08 am

IG Character Name:

Full Name:
Lania Darkstalker



Corrupted Draenei


2.35 meters

175 lbs

Physical Appearance:
Lania is tall and beautiful with a dark purple skin, Her eyes are an amber colour and glow like small fires in the dark and her hair is long, reaching her waist in length, and black She wears clothing of a similar colour to her own skin with silver edges. She is able to disguise herself as a normal draenei or as a human using her magic though her height and hair style and colour remain similar in her disguises and her skin colour remains darker in both disguises.

She is very cheerful and talkative to most people she encounters with the exception of paladins and priests who she cannot stand the presence of due to fear of their powers affects on her. She is able to speak common quite fluently though is cought out by difficult words she can't pronounce correctly. She isn't very aggressive and tends to remain passive until someone attacks her and she is forced to use her magic against them.

She was born to two mages and her family was rather large in size. The oldest of three sisters which she had to look after most of the time and teach them the magic her parents taught her as they where too busy to teach them themselves.

When the orcs attacked she was outside of Shattrath. After fighting the orcs that had attacked her in the forests she ran to her home in Shattrath to find her parents stopping only to fight the orcs that kept coming at her from deeper in the forest but when she reached her home she was too late her parents and sisters were all dead and where surrounded by the burnt orcs her parents had slain defending their family in an a fit of rage at the orcs she stormed towards one of their camps killing all orcs in her way only to be struck down by a single spell from a warlock who left her for dead but she didn't die and managed to reach a spot where she could hide and hid their and recovered from her injuries before finding other survivors in zangermarsh.

When she started to realise that the spell was starting to mutate her and seeing others become Broken ones she decided to run away from the others thinking it would spread to them too and hid away in a small cave. The affects of the fel magic where not as severe on her as the other draenei, as she hadn't had physical contact with any of the corrupted orcs and had been hit by only a single spell from a warlock, instead her skin darkened in colour, her eyes turned from white to amber and her spells started to be tainted faintly by her corruption.

When the portal was opened by the orcs she decided to sneak out and head into the lands of Azeroth and hide away there in the hopes of finding a better life for herself though she could use illusions to disguise herself she found that humans wouldn't accept her among them as she couldn't speak common so she decided to hide again and went north trying to learn the languages of the strange new races she met and learnt to speak the language of the humans though never perfecting her pronunciation and was caught out a few times though only chased off once by a paladin who suspected her.

She hid in the area around Dalaran as she liked bieng around the mages who she talked to practice her common when they were outside the city. When the scourge devestated Lordaeron and attacked Dalaran she went south arriving at southshore where she stayed a few months in her disguise before deciding to go out and find somewhere else to stay as she wasn't comfortable around the humans all the time and lacked money to get food which she normally would get from animals and plants in the land around her.

I have read and agree to all IC and OOC rules, and understand my character may be pulled from play if proven I have broken rules and or abused my character in role-play.

I lawfully agree that I have not taken this writing from someone else, or somewhere else. I, under penalty of copy right infringement, do claim all responsibility and legal ties to this writing.
yes I do

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Re: Lania Darkstalker

Post  Shadowseal on Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:17 am

Change the template and, moved to confirmations.

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Re: Lania Darkstalker

Post  Jack on Thu Jul 29, 2010 3:29 pm

I don't get she's corrupted but only because she was hit by a warlock's spell? The Broken and Lost ones are what they are namely because of Demonic Influences spreading around their home, one warlock spell shouldn't change her that much, if it at all.

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Re: Lania Darkstalker

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