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Netharia Shadowblade - Felblood Elf

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Netharia Shadowblade - Felblood Elf

Post  Shadowseal on Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:02 am

Name: Netharia Shadowblade

Age: 124

Class: Warlock

Race: Felbood Elf

Height: 186 CM

Weight: 62 KG

She has long, silk black hair, Her eyes are as green and beautifukl as an Emerald, She has a quite young looking face.

During Netharia's Childhood she was quite a nice little girl, Always very curious and happy even though her mother was dead. She basically went outside Silvermoon and jumped up on Hawkstrider trying to control and steer them, Though she did fall off alot which made her cry.. She cryed easily but it vanished quite quickly, But the more days it passed the more "evil" she grew, Becoming more fascinated by Fel Energy and Demonic Energy.

"The nice little girl" Was all gone when Netharia became an adult, She was filled with insanity and anger. She seduced guys to get money or any benefits from it, She is also quite silent and sits on a chair focusing on her energy. But during battle she enjoys killing and, Seeing people getting tortured, Dying Painfully or even, throwing people down the cliff, She also drains their soul to collect it for her summonings and the portals she makes.


Chapter I - Childhood
Netharia Shadowblade was her name, She was born in the woods of Eversong, The baby was a girl, she had black eyebrows and Green Glowing eyes hence she was born after the Destruction of Quel'Thalas and the Sunwell. Her parents were two blood elves so, she would most likely also be a blood elf. Sadly Netharia's mother died giving Birth to Netharia. Netharia was rescued in time so she could survive the birth. Netharia's father were a Arcane mage, He was a tall young looking elf with Emerald glowing eyes, The colour of his hair was also black. The father of Netharia took her home, to their Poor home with little food. Though Netharia's father Deraldir gave Netharia most of the food so she could survive the long weeks. When Netharia became 20, her father was lying in his Death bed because of the lack of food. Netharia was of course afraid of seeing his father die so she tried feed him but Deraldir did not accept it he just pushed, the plate with food away groaning because of hunger, Later that day he died and Netharia was forced out to the streets. She lived for begging until she was found by one of the Blood Elves warlocks, She was taken by this warlock and was forced to become his apprentice. Netharia did not want too at first but later she gave up and accepted the training, The training was quite frustrating, She had to learn how to control Shadowic and Fel Energy. When Netharia was around the 40s she learned how to control the Demonic and Fel Energy, She continued to train and train till she could master it, The days were long and tireing but Netharia made it through, when Netharia was 55 she mastered it.

Chapter II - Dark Magic
Netharia has now mastered the warlock abilities and can use it, But she never learned the rules. Netharia left the Warlock who taught her and went out in Silvermoon, Exploring the whole city, She was still begging for money of others but they just said "Uuh" and she did not recieve any money to get food for, Until she tried rob someone, She saw a man, he was tall, slim and the colour of his hair was light blonde, She tried to seduce the man to follow her into an alley where no one could see anything, This was a success the man, Tricked by Netharia followed her into a dark alley where suddenly Netharia threatened the man to give her money, The man did not listen and turned the back and tried to go out, But right before he started to walk a large shadowbolt was thrown in his back, killing the man.. Netharia quickly checked the mans pouch and found 1 silver, She kept the pocket of the man and went out, acting all normal. She seduced another man and it was a success, the man followed Netharia into another alley where he got killed and robbed though, when she went out a Guard went pass her noticing the body, The guard started questioning Netharia, but Netharia was never a good liar so she just denied everything... Sadly the guard did not believe her and Netharia started to run but was quickly overwhelmed by the guards, the guards did not throw her in prison though instead they banished her from Silvermoon and she was thrown out of Stormwind. Netharia sighed and started to walk towards the woods of Eversong, Clearly disappointed of being thrown out of Silvermoon.

Chapter III - Kazrean Clan
When Netharia was thrown out, she decided to explore Eversong Woods, She decided to go to the Ruins of Silvermoon, She walked slowly eyeing the locations around her, She was quite proud of being a Blood Elf even though she was thrown out of their capital.. She stopped when she saw the Scar filled with undeads. Her smile would disappear from her face and she started to follow the scar instead, The scar was quite long and she did not stop to follow it. Until she entered the ghostlands, Her whole face turned into a curious look as she never have been here, She started to explore the zone curiously. She saw the ruins of some villages, it sure did look like some ghostland, She then realized that she had no transportation so she ran back quickly and stole a hawkstrider and jumped up on it and ran towards the scar and into the ghostlands, when she was about to leave three pair of arrows was shot at the hawkstrider and Netharia fell unconcious, She was wrapped up in a red rug and thrown onto a horse, the shooters were still unknown but they jumped up on the horses and started to ran out, They travelled through the half Eastern kingdom and entered the Blasted Lands.

When they continued to ride the horse tripped and the rug where Netharia was stuck in rolled down a cliff and fell close to the Dark portal, The rug unwrapped itself as it rolled and Netharia could move but was damaged, She looked around herself and noticed the Dark Portal a green bright field was seen, She then got curious once again and walked into the portal which took her to the Outlands, The red dirt was seen on the ground and a large Pit commander was guarding the entrance, Netharia though carefully ran to the left of him quite sneakingly and jumped over the fence. She continued to run. But she tripped and fell but got quickly back up on her feets, She looked around her as she was in the middle of Hellfire Pennisula. She did see alot of demons around the place so she decided to go back to the portal and leave Outland, Once she left outland, She landed her feet at the dirt on Blasted Lands ground, She would then start charge up a shadowic portal which should take her back to Silvermoon even though she was banned, But something went wrong and she got teleported to Murder's row in Silvermoon where she did not plan to appear, She appeared before a man who was named Kazreth, Leader of a Clan, known as Kazrean Clan Netharia appoligized for landing right before Kazreth, Though Kazreth did not care he offered Netharia a place to stay.

Chapter IV - Off to Study
Once Netharia accepted a place in Kazrean Clan. Netharia vanished for a while, Actually she went to explore and study to increase her Warlock Capabilities so she, disappeared and went to Outland first, At the Continent known as Netherstorm.. First off she wandered around in netherstorm, Seeing many of the Ethereals though they wasn't of any threat, Actually they did not care about Netharia being there as long as she would not disturb them, She looked what they were doing and it was many fascinating things, She would then pick up a book and start to write down information about the geographic of Netherstorm, She looked up in the sky seeing many small rocks hovering. Suddenly Netharia starts breathing heavily so she would quickly make a portal out of there and appear at Shadowmoon, Shadowmoon was filled with fel energy and Netharia felt this so she started to explore it and write down the geographic of the area and how she feel the Fel Energy pouring into her body and then out, It was a pleasant feeling for Netharia to be there.

Netharia was done studying so she went to a safe place and started to rest some of her energy. When she was fully recovered several dwarves were around her, She did not get frightened instead she sat all still watching the dwarves, and after a while she threw a shadowbolt infront of her and ran away. The Dwarves of course followed her and tried throwing axes at her but missed, Netharia ran and focused to open a portal quickly, This took a few minutes and a portal would open. Netharia ran into it and right after her the portal closed. She appeared at the inn in Murder's Row, Silvermoon, where The elf sat, She would then meet another elf, as she saw him a little smile would appear as he walked, Netharia felt that the Man was filled with Fel energy so she moved towards him and starts to talk, They started to like each other and Netharia asked how he could have that much Fel energy, the man then teleported both of them to a forge camp where he explained that he's a felblood elf, Netharia asked if it was possible to become one of them, Then the man offered her some Vials of felblood, He explained that those who served kael were rewarded to feast on demon blood, And it might not be able to work on her, Netharia drank the vials up, she looked at the man with a curious look as nothing changed, Then suddenly the Man grabbed Netharia and teleported them to the throne of Kil'jaeden so Netharia could feast upon the suspended felguard there, several days.. And during these days she would change.

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