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ForumRP in Westfall! (Figured the farmers needed some RP)

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ForumRP in Westfall! (Figured the farmers needed some RP)

Post  ssaris on Fri May 14, 2010 6:27 am

The sun over westfall is bright. It is midday in Westfall, and many of the villagers are hard at work at their own respective trades. The farms are being tended to by the many farmers of the region. While merchants can be found crowding around the roadside near Sentinel Hill.


On this day specifically, a pretty young girl is traveling down the road to Sentinel Hill, to buy some supplies. Nearby people might hear her humming as she walks by.


As she reaches Sentinel Hill, she stops by some merchants, buying a few small things and placing them in a brown handmade linen bag. After buying what she came for, she stops by the Inn, to sit down and take a short rest from walking.

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